Skip the gardening guesswork

Go farm to table right in your own backyard

Vegetable garden kits designed to withstand Colorado conditions

Save the time you would have spent researching and shopping for beautiful, durable raised bed gardens with all the bells and whistles.

Save money by doing the labor yourself and foregoing professionally installed edging, pathways, and irrigation.

Our kit gardens are delivered to your driveway.
The soil will be in bags, so they're easy to carry to your garden site.
Full installation instructions will be included in each order.

Get your questions answered by a person instead of Pinterest!
A helpful gardener is available to help you with set up, planting, or coaching during the growing season!

Durable Natural Materials

Our kit gardens are made out of natural cedar and infinitely recyclable steel

Organic Bagged Soil

14 unrelenting hours of high-desert solar rays in withering, arid air

Garden Add-ons

Take your garden from basic to breathtaking with our covers, trellises, and watering grids

Get Gardening Help

When you buy a garden from us, you gain access to our garden support program.

What will you create with our garden kits?

With our garden kits, you can create an expandable design that you can work towards as your love of gardening grows!

Check out some suggested layouts pictured.

Stuck on the design phase?

If you have questions or need support through the design process, simply book a consultation.

Additionally if you require any of the following services, you'll need to book a consultation:

  • custom sized beds

  • beautiful pathways

  • site prep

  • fencing

  • layout decisions

  • site considerations


The Essential Kit

Raised Bed, Soil, and Water

Prefer a DFY (done for you) approach?

We'll do all the hard work, so you can focus on the fun part - harvesting your veggies

Raised Beds for the Win!

  • Deep fluffy soil holds water while also allows excellent drainage

  • Roots can grow down instead of out allowing us to plant more plants in a given area

  • Easily protect your plants with covers to keep deer, bugs, cold, wind, excessive sun at bay (depending on your selected cover)

Cedar Raised Beds

  • Our raised beds are crafted with regionally sourced 1" thick cedar

  • They assemble without tools

  • Choose from an array of sizes in 2 styles

Steel Raised Beds

  • Our steel beds are made with Corten which naturally assumes a weathered patina over time

  • The are easily assembled with common hand tools

  • Choose from an array of sizes in 2 styles

Soil and Water

  • Each of our Garden Bed Kits comes with enough bags of fluffy organic soil mix to fill your raised bed

  • Additionally, we include water lines that connect to a garden hose. If you add a battery operated timer, you can create an automatic irrigation system without digging up your yard

Make the most of your garden with our add-on products

Mediate our drastic climate with some covers. Choose from row covers, mini greenhouses, and cold frames

Protect your harvest from animals and pests. Choose from deer cages or mini greenhouses with insect netting.

Increase your harvests with trellises which allow plants to grow up rather than smother their neighbors. Choose from 3 styles.

Getting a garden in Eagle County has never been easier

Step 1:

Place your order

Choose your essential kit(s), and place your order on our website.

If you need help with your garden design, text us using the chat bubble to the right. We can schedule an onsite consultation to help you decide.

Step 2:

Schedule your delivery

Our cedar raised beds are built to order and take 2-3 weeks to complete. Once all your everything is ready, we'll schedule your delivery.

We offer free delivery within Eagle County. For gardeners further away, please text us using the chat bubble to the right.

Step 3:

Build your garden

Once your garden is delivered, you can assemble it with simple tools.

All orders come with suggested installation considerations, including instructions on how to prepare your site.

The proof is in the garden

Bootstrap Example

What are clients saying?

I wasn’t having much success by myself. I didn’t know what I needed, my plants were spindly, and I wasn't getting much harvest. I needed someone to tell me what to do because the seasons here are so different from Minnesota, where I lived before. If I know Lindsay’s coming, I don’t have to think about it—I just know it’s going to happen. She has the foresight and knowledge to suggest what needs to be done to get results. She’s also reliable, patient and friendly.

Sometimes I’ll think, ‘Do I really need Lindsay this year?’ And yes. Yes I do.”

– Susie F.

Edwards, CO

Meet your gardening coach

I’m Lindsay, a mountain vegetable gardener dedicated to helping you bring the farm-to-table movement to your backyard.

Your garden should be a place where you can slow down and find abundance, balance, and connection.

Get a Garden is your starter kit—and then some for a lifelong hobby and lifestyle you can enjoy by yourself or share with others.

It’s an investment in your landscape and an extension of your living space.

It’s an education in growing your own food and caring for the environment, starting at home.

And while our Rocky Mountain soil might make us work harder for our harvest, the rewards are so much sweeter.

Let’s create the vegetable garden you’ve been envisioning!

Snag you FREE Mountain Garden Starter Guide

Plan, grow, and harvest your dream backyard kitchen garden in the Rocky Mountains with our best tips!

  • Set Up: how does your existing (or planned) stack up to the components we find help mediate our challenging growing conditions?

  • Planting and Harvest Calendar: not your standard “zone 4 planting calendar.” This one is specific to Eagle County’s erratic spring and fall weather and includes harvest and succession sowing tips.

  • Essential Skills: learn tips to help transform your garden from meh to magnificent!

  • Action Plan: Use the fillable and printable pages to develop your garden plan today for more abundant harvests this year!

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